Hafidh Abdul Ahad Hussain

He started his schooling at IFS from preschool. From a young age he was taught Arabic grammar, Quran and Islamic studies from many well-known teachers in our community. After fifth grade he then moved to Pakistan for two years and did sixth and seventh grade there while doing part-time hifz. Upon coming back from Pakistan he returned to IFS for two more years before entering into the IFS hifz program. Under Hafidh Habib-u-Rahman and the guidance of Hafidh Ahmed Najjar (Al-Azhar graduate) he completed memorizing the Quran in 16 months. He did not want to stop there; recently he applied to Madinah Islamic University under the sponsorship of ILF. While he awaits his reply he is currently teaching Quran and Islamic studies to the youth at ILF for over two years.