Shaykh Amir Mohammed Saeed

Shaykh Amir Saeed is a scholar of the traditional Islamic sciences and an active mentor and teacher of the Muslim community. He has had the blessed opportunity to study with some of the most brilliant minds of Islamic thought in Mauritania, Nadwat ul Ulema of India, and Egypt where he completed his specialized degree in Islamic Jurisprudence at the prestigious Al-Azhar University. Along with Islamic law, he has also studied a number of other subjects including Arabic, tazkiyya (self-purification), pre-Islamic poetry, exegesis of the Quran and noble traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) obtaining an Ijazah (traditional certificate of completion) in the Saheeh of Al-Bukhari. 

Seeking to serve the Muslim community and advance Islamic literacy in North America, he joined the efforts of Islamic Learning Foundation Chicago where he is currently the resident scholar and researcher. Among other subjects, he teaches Arabic, Islamic law, Islamic belief, purification of the soul, and social development. Having been raised in America, his perspective is essential for applying the Islamic scholarly tradition in a western, modern context. Similarly, he relates well with young people who are struggling to find their identity and purpose, empowering them with confidence and awareness of their religion.