ILF Instructors come with a wide variety of backgrounds and qualifications. Instructors are selected on their deep understanding of Islam, related topics and mission of the Quran and are certified by well-known institutes. They are also experienced teachers and prominent scholars, Imams and community activists.


New York


Imam Khalid Griggs

Imam Khalid Fattah Griggs accepted Islam in 1972. He is the Imam of The Community Mosque of Winston-Salem in North Carolina. This is a position he has held since 1984. He is also co-chairman of the North Carolina-based Black Leadership Roundtable of Winston-Salem-Forsyth County.

A Political Science and English graduate of Howard University in Washington, D.C., Griggs has been active in the Muslim and African-American communities. He was part of the anti-Vietnam war movement in the late 1960s and was also involved with the Islamic Party in North America in the 1970s after his conversion. This group, composed of predominantly Muslim African-Americans, was active in Dawa to the African-American community.

Griggs co-founded the Institute for Islamic Involvement in the early 1980s and edited its journal, Vision, for six years. More recently, he served as editor of The Message magazine. Imam Griggs currently hold board chair position for ICNA Council for Social Justice.

Hafidh Zafeer Ali

Imam of Masjid Markaz – ICNA, Hafidh of Al-Quran, Graduate of Medinah University. He is the lead instructor of New Muslim Classes in Masjid Markaz, and directs the Markaz Institute.


Masood Ranginwala

 Instructor in Introductory Arabic Studies.  Brother Masood has studied Arabic from various teachers from the Bayyinah Institute, Sunnipath Institute, and the Foundation of Knowledge and Development.  He is currently studying with the Sunnipath Institute based in Jordan and working to obtain the Siboway Degree in Arabic Studies.  He is an active member of ICNA, part of ICNA-NY’s  Tarbiyyah Committee, and a graduate of Young Muslims.  He has attended several classes on Islam from both Al-Maghrib Institute and ILF.  He resides in Yonkers, NY with his wife, two children, and parents.