Dr. Abu Zayed

Dr. Abu Zayd is the assistant Imam of the Islamic Center of Jersey City, one of the first masajid in NJ. He holds a Bachelors degree in Islamic Studies from the School of Islamic and Arabic Studies, American Open University as well as numerous traditional licenses (ijazah) in various modes of Quranic recitation, books of hadith and Islamic texts. He holds a general Ijazah to transmit from Shaykh Waleed Idrees Meneese, Dr. Muhammad Akram Nadwi, and the late Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd. He possesses chains of transmission for the Six Books of Hadith from Shaykh Waleed, Dr Nadwi, as well as Shaykh Yaqub al-Qasimi, student of the late Husain Ahmad al-Madani.

Abu Zayd is the author of Childrens Bequest, a textbook on the science of Tajweed based upon a translation of the Arabic classic Tuhfat ul Atfal, and teaches via the Quran Literacy Institute in Somerset, NJ, a subsidiary of the Islamic Learning Foundation. He was a founding member of Young Muslims and is a long-standing member of ICNA, a grassroots national organization.

Dr. Abu Zayd, whose full name is Obaidullah Choudry, maintains a private medical practice in North Jersey. He is a regular columnist for the Message International Magazine, and much of his material can be found on his website www.studentofislam.com and greatmuslimquotes.com.