Summer Quranic Arabic Intensive

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Make learning the language of the Quran a milestone for your Summer!

Introducing our Summer Quranic Arabic Intensive, a 20 Day Course, taught by Sh. Khalilur Rahman Chishti.

This is a very special course that will focus on building vocabulary, enrich the understanding of the Quran  and  develop Arabic grammar skills, taught by Shaykh Khalilur Rahman Chishti, an expert in Quranic Arabic. He will be staying the full 20 days with the students, and will also cover miscellaneous fiqh, tafsir, aqeedah and character building.

This course will cover Sh. K.R. Chishti’s 2 book volume on Quranic Arabic (well known worldwide). The course will begin after Ramadan, from July 11th and last until July 30th, 2016. By the end of the course, after completion of exams and exercises, each student will insha Allah have:

  • A very firm foundation in Quranic Arabic (fusha), understanding of
  • Memorized an extensive and diverse vocabulary set with conjugations
  • A grasp on fundamental subjects of the Quran
  • Each student will be given followup programming and proficient students will be asked to teach the subject in their local communities, with the help of our resources.


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