What is ILF‘s Vision?

The Islamic Learning Foundation is an institute that has been developed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge, direction, and a fusion of classical learning and modern Islamic activism for Muslims in North America.
Considering the myriad of needs that our community and our society faces, ILF has been created to give American Muslims the tools of knowledge they need to face contemporary religious and social problems, the ability and confidence to convey the message of Islam to a wider audience, and to give direction towards the various social, family, and community issues which we face.
ILF has been designed with young adults in mind and offers part-time, evening, and weekend classes to familiarize students with fundamental Islamic topics, and then build upon that foundation to provide a solid grounding and literacy in Islamic Knowledge.

What Sets ILF Apart?

ILF not only wishes to ground the student a strong literacy of classical Islamic subjects such as Fiqh, Hadith, Aqeedah, Quran/Tafsir, History, and Hadith/Sunnah studies, but to provide the student the ability to implement, teach, and benefit his or her community by supplementing the classical courses with workshops and classes on issues facing present-day societies relating to families, education, poverty, community issues, and da’wah and relations with other faiths. Another part of ILF‘s mission is to provide education specifically for New Muslims and their families and help them grow in their understanding and practice of their new faith.
ILF, being a part of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), also has a wide range of opportunities available for students through its numerous da’wah activities, youth work, programs for women, local and national relief work to actualize their Islamic knowledge by becoming involved in benefiting the community.
Thus ILF creates a unique fusion of solid Islamic literacy and Islamic activism to help the community and society while producing students who have a strong understanding of Islamic sciences and how to benefit their families and communities with it.

What Has ILF Done So Far?

Islamic Learning Foundation has been successful in Chicago, IL in setting up classes for Muslim who have recently converted to Islam, as well as classes on Quran, Aqeedah, Sunnah, Seerah, Mustalaha al-Hadith, and Fundamentals of Islamic Law, some of which were streamed live on the internet.
ILF has set up dedicated a state-of-the-art classrooms with multimedia and streaming capabilities in Chicago, IL and plan to open classrooms in other cities across the United States.

What ILF Needs From You

One of the greatest challenges facing any new institution is the financial stability to provide a quality service. ILF intends on establishing a professional learning environment that provides an effective and high-quality education. This can only be maintained with proper classroom materials, learning resources and tools, teachers/staff, and many other elements. A strong financial foundation is required for this to be developed.
The Prophet (S) said that three actions will continue to benefit us after our death: Recurring donations, beneficial knowledge we attained, and righteous children supplicating for our wellbeing. By providing financial contributions to this institution, Inshallah you will be qualified for all three categories. We invite you to support this valuable service for your community by contributing financially, and supplicating for the success of this project.





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